Conceptual Physics Unit 2: Motion and Forces

Special Report!!!  Learn the tricks of the trade– become a science writer for popular media!!

HW 1:  Due on Thursday, September 23 (B) or Friday, September 24 (F,G)

Newton’s First Law of Motion, Net Force, The Equilibrium Rule, Support Force, Equilibrium of Moving Things

Read pages 27-36 in your Conceptual Physics text.  PLEASE bring this textbook to class for the remainder of this unit!!!

Respond to the following prompts (write in your HW blogs):

1. Clearly define the concept of inertia, then give an example of a personal experience that you’ve had with:
i) the inertia of a moving object
ii) the inertia of an object at rest

2. Does Newton’s First Law of Motion apply to large celestial objects such as the moon and sun? Explain.

3. What is the concept of “net force”? Give an example in which the net force on an object is zero, as well as an example in which two forces act in different directions but do NOT add up to zero.

4. What is the state of motion for any object that is experiencing a net force of zero?

5. Explain how both your seat and your desk are providing support forces at this very instant….

HW 2: Due on Monday, September 27 (B) or Tuesday, September 28 (F,G)

Inertia, Forces, and Force Vectors

Complete Practicing Physics Workbook pages 3,4,5 in your notebook or workbook– NOT on your blogs. Please bring your Practicing Physics workbook to class!!

HW 3:  Due on Wednesday, September 29 (B) or Thursday, September 30 (F,G)

Physics of Bridges

Please complete the first two pages of the Physics of Bridges packet (Types of Bridges, Tension and Compression).  The Physics of Bridges packet can be located via Physics of Bridges, or by following the link to Forms used in Physics in the Blogroll to the right.  You should either:  do this work directly in your notebooks, or print out the packet, do the work on the sheet, then keep the packet in your otebook/binder.

HW 4:  Due on Friday, October 1 or Wednesday, October 6

Designing a Bridge:  How to start an open-ended project

Bridge Contest Rules n Rubric contains the guidelines for the Bridge Project.  The first step towards reaching a successful and satisfying conclusion in this Bridge Project is determining whether you intend to work alone, or with one of your classmates.  You’ll need to know by the time you begin this assignment whether or not you will be working alone!!  This particular assignment will be completed on graph paper, on a sheet that you can ultimately remove and include with your Final Bridge Project Report.  Your goal is to create a scale blueprint of your bridge design, a blueprint that you will actually follow as you construct your bridge.  Be cognizant of the fact that you won’t be able to use an endless supply of wood in your design– you’re actually trying to build a bridge that is both LIGHT and STRONG!!!  Also note that your design should be based solidly on the physics principles that you have been exposed to this year– everything that you include (or exclude) in your design should have a REASON for being, and you should inlude side comments on your graphs in which you explain the reasoning behind your thinking.  Of course, it’s also VERY important to keep in mind that this first design is just that– a FIRST design, a rough draft.  It’s your opportunity to get some ideas out on paper, to try something new on.  You aren’t wedded to this– it’s just a place to begin the process!!  Have fun, and good luck!!

HW 5:  Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration due on Thursday, October 7 (B) or Friday, October 8 (F,G)

Learning the vocabulary of Motion

Read through pages 41-46 of Conceptual Physics, then answer the following questions on your blogs.

1.  Distinguish between speed and velocity, and give an example of a negative velocity.

2.  Distinguish between velocity and acceleration.

HW 6:  Due for class on Tuesday, October 12 (B) or Wednesday, October 13 (F,G)


PLEASE!!!!  Print out a copy of the “Bridge Design Rubric” and bring it to class with you so that I can fill it outduring the contest!!!  Thanks!!

HW 7:  Due on Thursday, October 14 (B) or Friday, October 15 (F,G)

Bridge Project Portfolio’s due

Be sure to bring your original blueprint, your final draft blueprint, your scoring rubric, and your “final analysis” to class on this day.

HW 8:  Due on Tuesday, October 19 (B) or Wednesday, October 20 (F,G)

Motion Described and Analyzed

Please complete pages 7 and 8 in your Practicing Physics workbooks, and bring your workbooks to class.

HW 9:  Due on Monday, October 25 (B) or Tuesday, October 26 (F,G)

The Second Law of Motion, Mass, Weight, and Force

Note:  You are welcome to attend any Democracy Conference presentation that conflicts with physics class.  Please just send me an e-mail to let me know that you are going to miss class because you are attending the CoD.

Using your Conceptual Physics text (pages 58-65) as a guide, define the terms mass, weight, and force.  State Newton’s Second Law of Motion, then write down the Second Law in equation form.

HW 10:  Due on Tuesday, November 2 (B) or Wednesday, November 3 (F,G,)

The Motion of Skateboards:  Acceleration, Graphs, and Friction

Please read pages 66-68 in your Conceptual Physics text, and then answer (on your blogs) the “Check Yourself” question on page 68.

Next, read the following guide, Skateboard Activity 2010, prior to class.

HW 11:  Due on Friday, November 5 (B) or Monday, November 8 (F,G)

Acceleration is a Problem

On your blogs, answer Problems 8 and 9 from page 73 of your text.

HW 12:  Due on Tuesday, November 9 (B) or Wednesday, November 10 (F,G)

Lab Paper Basics

Read through the lab report format 2010 sheet that I passed out in class.  For homework, you are going to be writing up a rough draft of the Title, Purpose, Procedure, and Data sections.  PLEASE PREPARE A DIGITAL VERSION OF THIS ROUGH DRAFT (I.E., DO IT IN WORD), and then place this file on your physics blog as an uploaded link.  To do this, go into the “Edit” mode of your blog entry and look at the toolbar over the text box.  Above the icons you will find “Upload/Insert” followed by some icons– click on the star/sun icon (right after the music note) and follow the instructions for placing your rough draft file in your blog.

Note:  Your data should be in a table format, and there should be headings for each column, as well as units.  Also… you can make a digital diagram of your procedure set up, or you can make a sketch by hand and leave it in your notebook for the time being.

HW 13:  Due on Thursday, November 11 (B) or Friday, November 12 (F,G)

Questions/Summary Conclusions for Skateboard Report

The Final Draft of your Skateboard Report is due by the end of class on Thursday/Friday, so please complete a rough draft of both the Questions and the Summary Conclusions prior to class.  As with the first part of the Report, post your work on your blog as a Word file.

HW 14:  Due on Monday, November 15 (B) or Tuesday, November 16 (F,G)

Newton’s Third Law of Motion– Action/Reaction

Click on the following link (Newton’s Third Law) and carefully read through the text.  When you get to the Check Your Understanding section, quiz yourself on each problem and then check your answer.  Once you’ve checked your answer, write a quick summary (on your blogs) of the fundamental principle lying at the heart of that question.  Once you’ve answered all four questions, click on the bottom link to go to the Identifying Action/Reaction Force Pairs website.  Work through all of the examples on that page, and write a brief summary of what you learned about action/reaction pairs on your blogs.

Friday, November 19 (B) or Monday, November 22 (F,G)

Motion and Forces Unit Test!!!!!

This will be an open book, open note, partner test on Unit 2 (Motion and Forces).  During the test you can utilize any resources that we have used to learn the material this year (notes, coursework, blogs, websites, text, practice workbook, etc…).  The test is on Unit 2, Motion and Forces, which covered the following ideas:

Inertia, Free Body Force Diagrams, Force, Force Vectors, Mass, The Law of Inertia, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Weight, The Law of Acceleration (in words and in equation form), Friction, Air Resistance, Equations of Constant Acceleration, Graphs of Motion, The Law of Action/Reaction,  Action/Reaction Force Pairs.


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